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On Monday, 15 Jan 2024, Exeter Civic Society handed in their response to the Full Draft of the Exeter Plan. We are keen that the council produces a plan that has policies that are clearly explained, written in a manner that supports the intention of the policy without ambiguity or confusion, and that will not allow an alternative and unintended interpretation of policies that will result in challenge at planning application stage. Throughout the Full Draft Plan, there still is much inconsistency in the writing of policies and how they are numbered. Our response is detailed to help iron these shortcomings out further.
After discussion amongst members at the December Open Meeting, members worked together to provide the developer of the Clarendon House site with a response to their very early stage development plans. Our main concerns are more student housing in this area and a 16 storey tower building. We very much think there must be a Master Plan or at the very least a Design Code developed by Exeter City Council before any of the new buildings for the Eastgate Redevelopment should go ahead.
On 5 Dec 2023, Exeter Civic Society submitted its response to the 'Draft Water Lane Development Framework and Design Code'. We were glad to see that our 'Prospectus for the Wider Water Lane Area' had been taken as the first stepping stone in the development of what ultimately will have supplementary planning document status. We are, however, concerned about some of the fundamentals of the draft document and specifics such as density and height of buildings, bicycle path provision and vehicular access to the Water Lane area. Follow up our fundamental concerns and the specifics for each chapter by reading the full news.
7th and 8th December 2023 were made special for the members of the Exeter Civic Society, as they celebrated George Gissing's stay in Exeter from Jan 1891 to June 1893. Professor Richard Dennis introduced the topic with his lecture on 'George Gissing an Exeter: A Transformative Writer at a Transformative Time in his Own Life', given at the Devon & Exeter Institution in the evening of 7th Dec. The next morning saw the unveiling of the plaque in Heavitree Road.
After more than 4 hours of presentations and debate, Exeter City Council Planning Committee voted 8:5 in favour of the Haven Banks mixed housing development. Richard Smith from the Haven Banks Neighbourhood Group used his 3 minutes to point out that approving the current plan meant that 17.5% of the projected homes for the wider Water Lane area redevelopment would be built on 5% of the land. He rightly called this overdevelopment of this site. Exeter Council Leader Phil Bialyk spoke as a Councillor at the Committee meeting pointing out that the decision the Committee members would take would send a signal to the potential developers of the other brownfield sites. In an at times emotional plea, he warned that it was a major strategic decision to be taken and that approval was needed to support the overarching vision for the city's development. Later Ian Collinson, Director of City Development, spoke in the closing stages before the debate, also highlighting that this was a critical moment for this council's brownfield strategy, which had to be shown as being deliverable. For him the overarching benefit of the Haven Banks Application was clear, he concluded his lengthy statement.
Keith Lewis, as Chair of Exeter Civic Society, sent two letters of concern relating to our historical heritage, one about the state of our city's most prominent heritage assets to ECC's Chief Executive and the other about the impact of the Christmas Market and similar events on the grassed areas of Cathedral Green to the Dean of Exeter Cathedral.
The 'Strategic Planning & Highways Group' in collaboration with the 'Planning Group' sent in their response for the 'Water Lane Outline Planning Application' to ECC on 10 November 2023. We suggested to look into serious issues with traffic inside and outside the area again, raised our concerns about Gabriel Wharf, the height and massing of buildings.
Todd Gray presented his new book on 'Exeter's Lost Buildings. Destruction from 1800 to 1899', the publication of which our Society supported. A special event in the morning of 26 Oct 2023 for all who helped financing this very interesting project was followed by a two-part public presentation in the afternoon.
You know the feeling, you are standing there in the rain and wait for a bus - and then all of the sudden there are three: 1) The Full Draft of the Exeter Plan (deadline 15 Jan), 2) Water Lane Development Framework and Design Code (deadline 4 Dec), 3) The Householder's Guide: Design of Extensions and Alterations (deadline 4 Dec). Please look into the website, which has a pdf of each file, or if you contact ECC you can get a printed copy as well.
A new venture for ECS: our 'Tree Protection Taskforce' has been launched. Joint leaders for this project are Stephen Mariner and Ruth McLeish.
Royal Clarence Rebuild: Milestone
Thursday 28th September 2023
The Royal Clarence Hotel rebuild was finally granted planning permission. But the decision does not come without challenges and shortfalls: the agreed developer contributions do not include planned education provision and may be significantly reduced after construction is complete.
There are news both for the Haven Banks Development site and for the wider Water Lane area. For Haven Banks a temporary use of part of the old warehouse buildings is applied for. And in October the 'Liveable Water Lane Supplementary Planning Document. Development Framework and Design Code' is expected to go into consultation.