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On 13 April we submitted our response to the updated proposal from Water Lane DMC of their site.
ECS handed in its a five pages statement to East Devon Council and placed the statement online on Commonplace.
On 16 December Exeter Civic Society submitted its 21 page review of the Draft Exeter Plan. After parts of our statement had been pre-published on the Commonplace consultation platform, we sent in the whole document of our statement together with a copy of our 'Prospectus for the Redevelopment of the Wider Water Lane Area'. If you want to read our statement, either look under 'Current Concerns / Exeter Plan' or follow up here under 'Read more'.
Society held its AGM
Tuesday 29th November 2022
This year's AGM on Saturday, 26 November 2022, was well visited. Our chairman looked back onto a good year in the development of the Society, with increased membership numbers and new volunteers on the groups and for the committee.
Exeter Civic Society welcomed 40+ visitors for the morning and again for the afternoon session of their Diamond Jubilee Celebration on 22 Oct 2022. Chairman Keith Lewis opened the day with looking back to the founding days of the Society. He said how an increase in active membership can make a difference for the future of Exeter and welcomed Exeter's citizens to join the Society.
Exeter's 'Express and Echo' published a full-page article in its 13 October 2022 issue, p. 32, under the headline: 'Civic society still making a difference in city as it marks its 60th anniversary'. The article concludes: 'None of the society's work would be possible without the hard work of local people. If you feel you would like to contribute towards the development and preservation of our great city, the society would like to hear from you.'
The society submitted a detailed objection to this planning application to build 234 apartments and 188 co-living rooms. The scale of the development at six storeys will overshadow existing homes in the area.
A blue plaque was unveiled on April 7th commemorating Abraham Cann, champion wrestler in the Devonshire style
The Society has released information to the media to highlight to the public that Exeter City Council is investigating the building of homes on several sensitive and green sites across the city
New Heritage Trails
Monday 7th September 2020
As a contribution to Heritage Open Days 2020, Exeter Civic Society has two new trails to help people discover more of the city's heritage.
Exeter Civic Society has written to Exeter City Council asking them to withdraw their awful planning application for new housing on the site of the former Clifton Hill Sports Centre. The society has scrutinised the proposals in detail, and whilst the appearance of these contemporary homes is pleasing, we find them to be style over substance when we look into the detail.