+++ BBC South West will film at Larkbeare House on 12 April, we are invited for interview +++ 

In its latest 3 weekly meeting Exeter Civic Society's Planning Sub-Committee discussed the building application for the site of the Wonford Inn in Wonford Street, Priory Ward. At the time of the discussion 16 local people had already voiced their objections, reaching from not enough parking in the street to the suggested 16 residential units being too overbearing for the site. The building is locally listed and the last remaining pub in Wonford. Our Committee looked closer into the argument for the demolition of this historic pub, especially what the application says about the business case. And we found major flaws in this argumentation. We made this the basis of our letter of objection sent to Exeter City Council.
We responded to Devon County Councils consultation about the Heavitree Road and Pinhoe Road bus corridors and how to improve them, together with two major crossings which will need work on to enable safer pedestrian and cycle crossings at the Honiton Road / Rifford Road / Sweetbriar Lane junction and next to Polsloe Bridge. With the measures suggested in this improvement plan bus traffic will clearly be prioritised, sending a strong signal about and daily experience of alternatives in vehicular traffic, something we support. This signal should be as consistent as possible, so we suggest to run the bus lanes 24/7 and not to allow parking in the lane outside operational hours, wherever alternative essential parking is or can be made available. This increased and systematised use of the bus lanes will also benefit bicycle use, as riders can use the less busy lane. To make it safer for cyclists it should be carefully weighed up which other users are allowed into the bus lane. Heavy goods vehicles (lorries, tractors) other than buses impose increased danger to cyclists.
Exeter Civic Society welcomes Historic England’s consultation on listing Larkbeare House on Topsham Road, Exeter under the national scheme. Consultation ended on 18 March and quite some institutions and private people have sent in their comments - thank you all for your support. We ask people to continue to support our joint campaign with Devon Gardens Trust. Things you still can do: 1) Send us your comments. 2) Contact Devon County Council as the current owner. 3) Watch out for media and social media coverage and provide positive reactions to it. 4) Contact Exeter City Council (Heritage Officer, Tree Manager) with your comments. 5) Lobby your Local Councillors. Scroll down on the campaign page for listings of latest news and comments. A new round of consultation is open and the deadline for responses now is 17 April (see update below). We submitted our response on 15 April.
Open Morning: Martin Watts on Exe Island Mills.
Saturday 20th April 2024 at 10:30 - 12:00
The Mint Methodist Church Centre, Fore Street, Exeter EX4 3AT
A social event where visitors and guests are welcome and refreshment will be available. At 11a.m. Martin Watts will give a presentation on Exe Island Mills.
Open Morning: Peter Knight, Managing Director Stagecoach South West, on ‘Challenges of Running the Bus Service’
Saturday 18th May 2024 at 10:30 - 12:00
The Mint Methodist Church Centre, Fore Street, Exeter EX4 3AT
A social event where visitors and guests are welcome and refreshment will be available. Many people rely on Stagecoach buses, but they are not always reliable. More people would use them if they were and so reduce the amount of traffic on the road. But running a bus service and making it reliable isn't an easy task. At 11a.m. Peter Knight, Managing Director Stagecoach South West, will talk about the challenges of running the service and the bus station.

Whether you’re a newcomer to Exeter or have lived here since before the War we’re sure you’ll love this great little city. It has a vibrant charm and a fascinating mix of buildings, and people! From the Roman Wall and Norman Castle to the lively city centre venues, shops and restaurants there is something for everyone. But a city is always changing, and those changes can be for the better or for the worse.

Exeter Civic Society was set up to care for Exeter and make sure that further redevelopments are of the highest possible standard for our city and for our quality of life. If you want to keep track of changes to the city, or find out more about its history you have come to the right place. Not only do we monitor new developments but we have talks about Exeter’s history and visits to local places, some of which you may not even know exist.

Exeter Civic Society publishes 'Prospectus'

Our 28pp “Prospectus for the Redevelopment of the Wider Water Lane Area” was published on 31 Oct 2022. For details please visit the ‘Current Concerns’ section of our website, then ‘Wider Water Lane Area Redevelopment’. 



Wider Water Lane Area Redevelopment