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On 1 July 2024 Exeter Civic Society handed in its response to the amendments the developer made for its own Water Lane proposals. The changes consist of slightly revised entrance arrangements to the site from Tan Lane, increased space at Gabriel's Wharf, the removal of the 12 storey block, but the consequential 'lost' floor area is distributed across other buildings increasing to a possible 8 floors. We still assert that heights should only be 4-5 floors with fewer close to existing homes and near the canal.
After the decision by HATOC on 3 June to suspend the 'Heavitree & Whipton Active Streets Trial', ECS is considering to relaunch a project from last year which was stopped when the trial took shape. We want to look into what 'Active Travel' can mean and how local residents can benefit from something like this. We will run a meeting in the second half of July of our 'Strategic Planning & Highways Group' to decide how best to restart our efforts for a balanced view on these issues. Cars are a vital part of our daily experience, so we promote a gradual change to a future with less car dominance. We know from our members how important it is to start from the local residents' point of view.
We took 7 photos from Exeter which are linked to our 'story' to the Harbour Festival in Exeter on 9 June 2024, where we were running our stall to inform the public about what we are doing. We had good resonance. Even the Deputy Lord Major took part while he was visiting our stall, and did not find the task too easy. Some recognised the sites well, but came up with all kinds of odd names or could not remember where exactly it was. Some had bold guesses. Nevertheless, many thanks to all who took part in the competition - and as always thanks to our volunteers, without whom we could not do things like this. But it is not too late...
Open Meeting: Exeter Retailing 1880-1940
Saturday 20th July 2024 at 10:30 - 12:00
The Mint Methodist Church Centre, Fore Street, Exeter EX4 3AT
A social event where visitors and guests are welcome and refreshment will be available. Richard Holloday will speak about 'Exeter Retailing 1880-1940'.
Then, Now & Next Walk: The State of Exeter City Walls
Wednesday 7th August 2024 at 14:00-16:00
Meet in front of Waterstones in the High Street at 2pm.
Gert Vonhoff will lead a walk along the Exeter City Walls where we can talk a bit about how this defining structure has developed over time and in which state it is today.

Whether you’re a newcomer to Exeter or have lived here since before the War we’re sure you’ll love this great little city. It has a vibrant charm and a fascinating mix of buildings, and people! From the Roman Wall and Norman Castle to the lively city centre venues, shops and restaurants there is something for everyone. But a city is always changing, and those changes can be for the better or for the worse.

Exeter Civic Society was set up to care for Exeter and make sure that further redevelopments are of the highest possible standard for our city and for our quality of life. If you want to keep track of changes to the city, or find out more about its history you have come to the right place. Not only do we monitor new developments but we have talks about Exeter’s history and visits to local places, some of which you may not even know exist.

Exeter Civic Society publishes 'Prospectus'

Our 28pp “Prospectus for the Redevelopment of the Wider Water Lane Area” was published on 31 Oct 2022. For details please visit the ‘Current Concerns’ section of our website, then ‘Wider Water Lane Area Redevelopment’. 



Wider Water Lane Area Redevelopment