Exeter Civic Society

Exeter Civic Society

Contact us

Exeter Civic Society: exetercivicsociety@gmail.com

If you wish to get in contact with someone from the Society, please use the email addresses.

For bookings or queries about events please contact the Programme Co-ordinator.

Executive Committee

Chairman: Keith Lewis keithatecs@gmail.com

Vice Chairman: vacant

Secretary: vacant

Membership Secretary: Jane Evans  ecs.membership@gmx.com

Treasurer: Jane Evans ecs.membership@gmx.com

Programme Co-ordinator: vacant, currently in support Ruth McLeish ruthmcleish@gmail.com

Other Committee Members: Pamela Wootton, John Monks,  Jennifer Woodman, Robin Watson

Other Contacts

Planning Sub-Committee: Pamela Wootton p.m.wootton@exeter.ac.uk

Blue Plaque Co-ordinator: Ian Maxted ianmaxted@hotmail.co.uk

River Canal & Quayside Group: Peter Nickol pnickol@phonecoop.coop

Strategic Planning & Highways: Keith Lewis exetercivic.transport@gmail.com