Current Concerns

As developments come forward the Society scrutinises and comments upon them, sending our response to the appropriate Council in an endeavour to ensure Exeter’s development is of the very highest standards. Planning applications can be viewed on the City Council’s website.

This taskforce was set up by the 'Strategic Planning & Highways' Group and had its inaugural meeting on 26 Sep 2023. For its 'Terms of Reference' and the minutes/notes of meetings see the 'Documents' section on the right (or on small screens below).
Exeter Civic Society has a long history of commenting on traffic and transport issues in Exeter. A lot of the older material is stored in the 'Members' section of our website. In the 'Concern' section you can read about the Society's responses since 2023. Under 'Past Concerns' you find our discussion about the new bus station.
Exeter City Council ,East Devon Council and Teignbridge Council are in the process of writing the new “Local Plans”, which will form the basic planning document for the next 20 years, up to 2040.
Exeter Civic Society was challenged by Ian Collinson, ECC’s new Director of City Development, to provide in a pro-active approach a wider planning review for Haven Banks and Water Lane sites.
In 2019 Exeter City Council received a planning application for the redevelopment of the shopping centre site to build a Hotel and a Co-living block. The proposals were for 298 co-living rooms with amenity space and 230 cycle spaces, and the hotel would have 114 bedrooms with restaurant and 42 parking spaces.
Follow the progress in development of the former Clifton Hill Sports Centre site and our efforts to ensure any suggested plans are suitable for the city and the site in general. The current plans are highly contentious and the Society are being proactive in our response.