Wonford Inn, Priory: ECS Planning Group opposes development

In its latest 3 weekly meeting Exeter Civic Society's Planning Sub-Committee discussed the building application for the site of the Wonford Inn in Wonford Street, Priory Ward. At the time of the discussion 16 local people had already voiced their objections, reaching from not enough parking in the street to the suggested 16 residential units being too overbearing for the site. The building is locally listed and the last remaining pub in Wonford. Our Committee looked closer into the argument for the demolition of this historic pub, especially what the application says about the business case. And we found major flaws in this argumentation. We made this the basis of our letter of objection sent to Exeter City Council.

Taking into account recent appeals’ decisions, our conclusion is:

‘We believe the present proposal to be overdevelopment of the site.

If the Local Planning Authority is provided with evidence to substantiate the assertion the business is not viable and cannot be made so, then consideration should be given to alternative uses for the building (including but not limited to residential).

Only if the evidence shows the building cannot be used for an alternative purpose should total loss of this heritage asset be considered.

If demolition of the building is inevitable then any redevelopment proposal should be limited the footprint with the remainder of the site providing open space.

We therefore object to this application and suggest that it should be refused.’


For our full letter, please follow this link: https://exetercivicsociety.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/Wonford-Inn-05.04.24.pdf

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