ECS took its Photo Competition to the Heritage Harbour Festival, 9 June

We took 7 photos from Exeter which are linked to our 'story' to the Harbour Festival in Exeter on 9 June 2024, where we were running our stall to inform the public about what we are doing. We had good resonance. Even the Deputy Lord Major took part while he was visiting our stall, and did not find the task too easy. Some recognised the sites well, but came up with all kinds of odd names or could not remember where exactly it was. Some had bold guesses. Nevertheless, many thanks to all who took part in the competition - and as always thanks to our volunteers, without whom we could not do things like this. But it is not too late...

If you want to test your knowledge of Exeter you can do this here online as well. Just without the option of winning a price. Just follow this link which will get you to the competition:

And afterwards you can follow this link to get the answers:

Or as a download:


On the day we had three winners of our prizes and all participants – as far as we could decipher their email addresses – have been informed about their results. Some wrote back, that they found the competition had been a nice idea and had provided a bit of fun.

Photos from the event