We were at the Heritage Harbour Festival 28 May 2023

Exeter Civic Society ran a stall from 11 to 4 in front of the Custom House, at the first Heritage Harbour Festival 2023.

A great thank you to the organiser on what weatherwise could not have been a better day to showcase the Harbour area. It was good to meet fellow local societies and present what we are doing to the public. Thank you, too, to all our members who helped to make this event a success. It was good to inform the visitors about our own heritage and the new plans for 2023.

Keith and Gert lead walks to illustrate what we flagged up in our ‘Prospectus for the Redevelopment of the Wider Water Lane Area’ (read more about this on our website). We are pleased to read that ‘Liveable Exeter’ from ECC finally is organising what they call ‘The Water Lane Citizen’s Panel’ for a series of 3 workshops in June and July, and we hope they will acknowledge and take up what we came up with as results of our local workshops last year.

Some images from the day