Preserve the Grounds of Larkbeare House!

Exeter Civic Society is becoming increasingly concerned about the future of the magnificent mature trees and grounds at Larkbeare House. They and Devon Gardens Trust are undertaking listings of the trees in order to ensure they are protected when the site is sold by Devon County Council potentially as early as at the end of February 2024, most likely to a developer. Please help us by raising your concerns to Devon County Council and supporting our initiative. Now with a link to our 47pp report.

For our initial report on the trees in the grounds see:

As a result of our findings, Exeter Civic Society asks (and first reactions)

  • Exeter City Council to put Tree Preservation Orders on the trees; we are in contact with Joe Morshead as ECC Tree Manager;
  • present and future owners to keep the Grounds of Larkbeare House not only in their present biodiversity, but also to guarantee appropriate management;
  • Devon County Council as current owner of the site together with Exeter City Council to try to safeguard public access to the grounds or at least part of them; the grounds have potential in the rising interest in eco-tourism, especially as they are so close to the Quay as the city’s second most visited tourist attraction;
  • that Larkbeare House will be at least locally listed; we are in contact with Dianne Long from Devon Gardens Trust and with their conservation officer Jonathan Lovie for looking into a listing. On 1 March Exeter Civic Society was contacted by Historic England which currently is considering Larkbeare House for listing; we were sent the consultation material and invited to make a representation by 18 March 2024.

Our press release has been published in ‘Devon live’ online on 28 Feb. For the article see: Fears beauty spot could be destroyed. 

The press release also has been taken as stock for an article in the ‘Letters & Opinion’ section of the ‘Express & Echo’ newspaper, published on 29 Feb.