Possible relaunch of ECS’s 2023 project ‘ACTIVE TRAVEL and what it really means for you’

After the decision by HATOC on 3 June to suspend the 'Heavitree & Whipton Active Streets Trial', ECS is considering to relaunch a project from last year which was stopped when the trial took shape. We want to look into what 'Active Travel' can mean and how local residents can benefit from something like this. We will run a meeting in the second half of July of our 'Strategic Planning & Highways Group' to decide how best to restart our efforts for a balanced view on these issues. Cars are a vital part of our daily experience, so we promote a gradual change to a future with less car dominance. We know from our members how important it is to start from the local residents' point of view.

Our possible relaunch ties in with the recommendations voted through at the HATOC meeting. We find it important to see the decision to suspend the Active Streets Trial in this full light, as the later points d) to g) open up opportunities to look ahead with some positive outcomes. We feel ECS should monitor that these points are fully implemented and support the work of HATOC on this.

We are currently working on a list of measures which can ensure that travel and streets become more active in Exeter. More details you can find in our document in the box on the right.

If you want to send us contributions, please email them to Gert (gertvonhoff@btinternet.com).