Nicholas Hilliard commemorated with a blue plaque

Exeter Civic Society's latest blue plaque commemorates Nicholas Hilliard, Tudor miniaturist, and his connection to St Pancras church.

The plaque was unveiled on Tuesday 15th October 2019 by Dr Elizabeth Goldring of Warwick University, author of “Nicholas Hilliard: Life of an Artist” which was published earlier this year. In the afternoon, Dr Goldring gave a very interesting lecture about the life and work of Nicholas Hilliard, who was born in Exeter, but moved to London to train as a goldsmith, and went on to become a highly-regarded painter of miniatures. His sitters included Queen Elizabeth 1st, King James 1st, ┬áthe Earl of Leicester, Sir Francis Drake and others.

After the unveiling ceremony, some members of the Society, plus Friends of RAMM and others, visited the study centre at RAMM to see close up some items of silver made by Nicholas’ father Richard, and his brother Jeremy, both of whom were Exeter goldsmiths.

Both Nicholas Hilliard, and his father Richard, were patrons of the living of St Pancras’ parish by virtue of owning a property in the parish with which the patronage was associated.

The plaque can be found on a pillar in the arcade outside Superdrug, close to St Pancras Church.