Exeter Civic Society

Exeter Civic Society

History Trails

For Heritage Open Days 2020, there are some new ways to explore Exeter’s history……




Exeter Civic Society has created a digital

Blue Plaques and Places Trail

to highlight some of the stories of people who have been commemorated by blue plaques in the city, and the buildings and places that they would have known.

The trail can be followed on foot, using a smartphone, or it can be read at home on a pc or laptop. You can follow the trail in its entirety, or in sections. Alternatively you can just select individual locations from the map, and read about each plaque that way. The full trail covers just over three miles and takes about three hours.


Devon Bibliography, in collaboration with Exeter Civic Society, has created a printable

Walk Round Lockdown Exeter

looking at heritage sites in central Exeter, with a particular focus on walls, doorways, gates, enclosures, prisons, hospitals and epidemics.

As an alternative to printing off the trail and carrying it around on paper, you can follow it on your smartphone.



These trails are done at your own risk. Please take care when walking around the city, and when stopping to look at buildings. Allow space for other people, and wear a mask where appropriate.