Exeter Civic Society’s first blue plaque, to Dr Peter Hennis, unveiled

This was unveiled on the wall at the entrance to St Sidwell’s church in Sidwell Street. For more information, see the blue plaques page.

An earlier blue plaque, to the historian of Devon, W. G. Hoskins, was unveiled by the Devon History Society in October 2003. Other early plaques to individuals installed by the Exeter Civic Society include those to Richard Ford, Harry Hems, William Kingdon Clifford and John Patch. This last was one of a series of plaques installed on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in 1977. Most of these are not to individuals but they include plaques for Cathedral Close, the Port of Exeter, Rougemont Castle, Rougemont House and Saint Lawrence Church. A blue plaque was installed to Thomas Bodley and Nicholas Hilliard at the corner of Gandy Street and the High Street in 1973 or 1974. The details of this have not been ascertained but it may have been placed there by Exeter City Council.