Then, Now & Next Walk: Exploring Polsloe

Wednesday 6th December at 14:00-16:00
Meet on the corner of Mount Pleasant / Pinhoe Road, outside Henry's Bar, EX4 7AB

A walk through the Polsloe area with points of interest past and present. Please contact Gert if not done so otherwise by texting 07766 706614 - as he reserved a table at No1 Polsloe Cafe for a hot drink after the walk (3:30-4:30), and needs to confirm numbers on Wednesday morning.

Gert will lead us  through  the area where he has been living for the last 22 years. We will start with an old salt road, walk through a settlement of the former brick works, the new Priory Park, crossing over to St Mark’s Church and see the new ‘Active Streets’ measures. Walking through the Higher Cemetry to Polsloe Bridge, the walk will leads us to what is left of St Katherine’s Priory. We will end our  circular walk along Prince Charles Road having a look at the new low traffic development which currently is being built. And then turn back to Henry’s Bar and the lovely Cafe No1 on the opposite corner.

Free Santa Claus Nicholas illustration and pictureAnd as the walk falls on Santa Nikolaus day (a big thing in Gert’s native Germany), be prepared for one or the other seasonal surprise.