Then, Now and Next Walk: Newtown – a second chance

Tuesday 1st August at 2:00 - 4:00
Start from Triangle Car Park, outside Clifton Inn.
Lynn Hornblower will lead a walk through Newtown, our second effort after the first one on 9 May ended in a rain storm.

And again, 2nd chance for all!

Let’s stroll around a liveable neighbourhood.  Not as fashionable as St Leonard’s nor busy as Heavitree – Newtown has a rich history of quarries and brickworks, WWII Blitz stories, the first 1960’s LTN, to present day developments, Police and Ambulance stations gone, yet we have a Passivhaus Pool, a new Community Hut, bee friendly communal gardens … and the Gorge! Is Newtown a desirable suburb for the future?

Easy to reach by bus – the Triangle car park, outside the Clifton Inn, is close to new bus station, Cheeke St and Pyramids stop on Heavitree Rd,  ///stops.opens.fear .

And then the heavens opened...

Photos from our first try of what sounded a very interesting local tour. Gert says: “Even within the first 15 minutes I already learnt so much new about an area I often pass through.” Unfortunately the rain got the better of us in the end. The roads became almost impassible due to drains not cleaned. And, yes, there are sunnier days even in Newtown! We will try again.