Then, Now and Next Walk: Ancient Buildings and some Bridges

Wednesday 6th March at 14:00-16:00
Start outside the Guildhall at 2m.
Our walk will start and finish at the Guildhall and will be about 3 Miles. It will include St Nicholas Priory, the Medieval bridge, the suspension bridge, the Quay and parts of the riverbank.

After meeting at the Guildhall we will visit  the St Nicholas Priory,  then carry on to the Medieval Exe Bridge via Bartholemew terrace, then Cricklepit Mill. We will then cross the river and walk along the bank  to the suspension bridge near Trews Weir. After that we will go back stopping at the Victorian Quay Warehouses and the Customs House. We will return via the path behind and follow the city wall to South St and then back to the Guildhall.