ECS submitted its Statement to the Draft Exeter Plan

On 16 December Exeter Civic Society submitted its 21 page review of the Draft Exeter Plan. After parts of our statement had been pre-published on the Commonplace consultation platform, we sent in the whole document of our statement together with a copy of our 'Prospectus for the Redevelopment of the Wider Water Lane Area'. If you want to read our statement, either look under 'Current Concerns / Exeter Plan' or follow up here under 'Read more'.

The very detailed statement was written up by the members of the ‘Strategic Planning & Highways’ Group with help from the ‘Planning Group’ and the ‘Blue Plaque Team’. After some general comments, the response follows the chapter structure of the Draft Exeter Plan, comments on the policies and more general point for each chapter, before ending with statements about the potential development sites.

In the introduction the authors pointed out:

  • ‘We welcome this opportunity to comment on the draft outline plan. There is much that we support in it. We endorse the vision and ambitions set out in the plan. We recognise that fulfilling these ambitions are not entirely within Exeter City Council’s (ECC) control. Much, for example, will depend upon whether developers come forward with suitable plans for the sites proposed.’
  • ‘Many of our comments are designed to ensure greater clarity and transparency for developers, communities and individual members of the public. Some are aimed at making the policies more robust so that they will indeed help to achieve appropriate developments. The recent announcement that housing targets will no longer be mandatory has changed the terms of the plan and made it all the more important that developments in Exeter are both needed and suitable. Some, perhaps most, of the proposed sites for development will change the character of an area.’

Our statement can be found here.