ECS submitted its response to the Draft LCWIP

ECS responded on 31 March 2023  to the Draft LCWIP in the consultation set up by Devon County Council in early 2023. We focussed in our response on strategic issues. We also commented in detail on some cycle routes and all the priority walking routes suggested in the Draft LCWIP document.

We agree a modal shift towards active travel in Exeter is needed, but we think the opportunities for such a shift are ‘underused’. For example, we would like to see the mobility hubs more actively included into the strategy and their remit widened to all ‘Park and Ride’ sites. ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ should be made more central in the planning, as they offer local strategic opportunities not yet tapped into. ECS commented on the lengthy timeframe for delivery, on the lack of directness and coherence of the suggested cycle routes, on the necessity to include less on-road parking and more one-way solutions, just to give some ideas what we dealt with.

Our full response: