ECS Responds to ‘Heavitree & Whipton Active Streets Trial’

ECS met the deadline in the current round of consultations for the 'Heavitree & Whipton Active Streets Trial'. We are in favour of letting the trail run for the whole intended time of 18 months before making final decisions. We support the principle of Low Traffic Networks where they help to reduce congestion in the city and improve people’s lives. However, we accept that for many the use of a vehicle, van or bus is essential, and for others a necessary convenience. We wish to see an efficient arterial highway network across the city that supports traffic movements and reduces congestion; ensuring roads allow all modes of traffic to move freely and safely, with a clear preference of vehicular commuter and through traffic on arterial roads rather than in residential areas. We hope that our response, which is informed by mixed observations from our members who are affected by the LTN, offers a balanced view about the trial and how some changes may help to make the LTN acceptable to the majority of residents living in the area and those living outside of the area who are affected by it.

We recognise that the intentions of the trial are to stop through traffic from outside of the area causing disruption and pollution in residential areas, and to encourage and allow local people to walk, cycle and scoot more safely to local amenities such as schools and shops. We have heard that people are pleased that their street has become quieter with the LTN in place: they say they now can sleep in their front bedrooms with windows open in the warmer months; they say they feel more encouraged to walk, and they say for a first time for a long time they have the feeling their street is not just there for cars, we are also aware of a large number of people that are against the proposals, but not their reasons for this.

ECS presented the observations made my members of the society along with 18 suggestions for changes and 10 thoughts for the wider area.

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