ECS Responds to Bus Corridor Improvements & Active Travel Crossings Consultation

We responded to Devon County Councils consultation about the Heavitree Road and Pinhoe Road bus corridors and how to improve them, together with two major crossings which will need work on to enable safer pedestrian and cycle crossings at the Honiton Road / Rifford Road / Sweetbriar Lane junction and next to Polsloe Bridge. With the measures suggested in this improvement plan bus traffic will clearly be prioritised, sending a strong signal about and daily experience of alternatives in vehicular traffic, something we support. This signal should be as consistent as possible, so we suggest to run the bus lanes 24/7 and not to allow parking in the lane outside operational hours, wherever alternative essential parking is or can be made available. This increased and systematised use of the bus lanes will also benefit bicycle use, as riders can use the less busy lane. To make it safer for cyclists it should be carefully weighed up which other users are allowed into the bus lane. Heavy goods vehicles (lorries, tractors) other than buses impose increased danger to cyclists.

Our response to the questions of the consultation commented in more detail on each of the proposals. We found that the online form did not really provide much space for this. We also came up with some general points which open our letter to the Transport Planning Team, for example:

‘The current consultation sets out 4 aims for the project, two of which state:

  • Create an active travel network that meets the needs of all potential users.
  • Accommodate local housing growth and deliver economic benefits for the community.

But we cannot see that all of the proposals adequately achieve this; perhaps each proposal needs broader consideration of how they benefit or affect people walking, cycling, bussing and driving?’


To read our full response, please follow this link: