Cycle Routes in and around Exeter

Exeter Civic Society supports the development of cycling infrastructure because it will enable more people to cycle rather than use their car. In 2019 the Highway Authority consulted on their new Exeter Transport Strategy in which they hoped for more Exonians to cycle in an endeavour to free-up road space for others – many people objected to this approach, including the civic society.

The Highway Authority is developing a number of dedicated cycle routes in the city to enable cyclists and those less confident to be able to cycle off-road. There are not many dedicated cycle paths, with many routes being shared footpaths – the Exeter map can be found here.

Maps of cycle paths and routes connecting to the city can be found here.

Their first priority is the E4 route between the University and the Science Park, with work starting on improvements in 2017 to establish a dedicated bi-way section along Cumberland Way. Work starting on the route along Exhibition Way between Pinhoe Road and Eastern FieldsĀ  in January 2020. They have improved the cycle path between Exhibition Way and Beacon Lane and in 2020 they have started work on a dedicated cycle and walking bridge over Summer Lane to provide a direct route for users of the E4 route. More information relating to the E4 route can be found here

The Exeter Cycle Campaign also monitors the development of cycle and walking routes – their website can be found here.