Planning Group

The Planning sub-committee is interested in Exeter’s built and natural environment, both historic and recent. We receive and scrutinize the weekly lists of applications under consideration by the Exeter City Council planning department. Members of the sub-committee then study the plans for those which seem most likely to affect life in Exeter either from reasons of appearance, history, traffic disruption or inconvenience of those using the area or visiting the centre of the City. We also consider the sustainability and  environmental impact of the proposed buildings.

Each month we meet to discuss those applications which cause us concern, often speaking to the relevant case officers before or after our discussions to clarify points. We then write to the City Development Manager on those proposals of which approval would, to us, be unacceptable. The Planning officers are always helpful.

Members of Planning sub-committee attend displays of intended developments mounted by the City Council or by developers and are glad to accept occasional invitations to discuss developers’ intentions before their applications are submitted, often eliminating potential problems.

We are also interested in the strategic plans for development in the areas East and South East of the boundary of Exeter and in the communication problems this involves.

Planning sub-committee reports to the Executive committee, consults with the other sub-committees where interests coincide, and writes an account of planning activities in the Exeter Civic Society News. We are glad to hear the views of individual members on particular matters, to explain the intricacies of planning, and to encourage interest in the development of Exeter and its region.