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Exeter Civic Society

H&T Sub-Committee Info

Though formally a sub-committee of the Society we prefer to see ourselves as a fairly informal group with a flexible membership.  We’re both reactive and proactive.

We’ve spent much time over the past year thinking about Exeter’s traffic problems and how to resolve them.  It’s quite clear that some radical planning and action will be needed to make any impact, though the political will – and the money – is lacking at present.  Transport is one of the issues that Exeter City Futures are studying, and we’re cautiously optimistic they’ll come up with something that moves us forward.

We’ve also been monitoring the plans for the new bus station from a highways and transport perspective, and our members have participated in discussions with Council officers and the developers, as well as making formal submissions.  We’re not going to get the perfect bus station, but the current detailed plans are an improvement on the earlier versions.

We had a useful and friendly meeting with Bob Dennison and Robert Williams, respectively Managing Director and Commercial Director of Stagecoach South West.  Congestion is a major issue for Stagecoach, for bus users and for anyone else affected.  One outcome of that discussion is that we as a Society plan to lobby Devon County Council and others to take steps to introduce more bus priority measures in the city.  We also talked about information for passengers, car parking policies, pollution from bus engines and the shape of the city’s bus network.  Stagecoach have a generally good story to tell, and we hope we can persuade them to come and speak at one of the Society’s monthly Saturday meetings.

Society members can help with the lobbying by identifying specific congestion points in the city which cause buses to be delayed.  Many of us travel by bus, so it would be good if you would note where your bus journey is regularly delayed by traffic and let the sub-committee know: contact details in the last paragraph.  You can also make representations direct to your County Councillor.

Naturally we’d welcome more Society members being actively involved in the group’s work.  Don’t let the “sub-committee” tag put you off!  Contact us by email to exetercivic.transport@gmail.com if you’d like to know more or if you think there’s a particular transport issue the Society should be looking at.