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Exeter Civic Society

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Trevor Preist, a member of the sub-committee prepared a summary of his findings in March 2014 to show how the rush hour period in Exeter will become more congested as a result of new homes. See the report here Transport in Exeter summary March14

Trevor subsequently undertook a detailed analysis of the expected increase in car usage as a result of the City’s expansion.  His report Rush Hour can be accessed here ECS Rush Hour PDF .

Transition Exeter’s Transport Group are also concerned about traffic congestion, as well as pollution.  Their activity can be found on their website   http://transitionexeter.org.uk/transport.

Devon County Council is responsible for maintaing and developing the highways, co-ordinating public transport, developing the cycle network, and road safety.  Their transport website can be found here .  Their transport plan for Devon/ Torbay LTP3 and the implementation plan can be found here .  A Society summary of the key points is here.

Exeter City Council have a number of policy documents relating to transportation and highways and their documents can be found here .  They are responsible for the quality of clean air in the City and have an Air Quality Strategy which can be seen here. The heaviest pollution in Exeter is caused by traffic and the council have a duty to ensure this is kept below a certain level to protect people’s health. The worst effected areas are along the main roads coming into the City.