Exeter Civic Society

Exeter Civic Society

Nomination guidance

The Civic Society’s blue plaques are designed to generate an interest in Exeter’s history and strengthen the pride Exeter takes in the remarkable people who have been connected with the city throughout its history.

We welcome nominations for blue plaques from the public. Here are some key guidelines:

  • the person commemorated should be of special significance in a particular field, for example of historical, cultural, scientific or sporting significance
  • the strength of connection with, or contribution to, Exeter counts alongside a person’s celebrity and wider significance
  • the individual commemorated must have been personally associated with the building or site where the plaque is to be erected, eg was born or lived there, visited or was active there. Preference is given to buildings which existed during the lifetime of the person, rather than sites of buildings
  • the Civic Society’s plaques vividly celebrate people and places—not historical events on their own or the sites of demolished buildings
  • regard will be paid, if appropriate, to current anniversaries
  • finally, although there is no hard and fast rule, someone commemorated by a blue plaque should have been deceased for at least 10 – 20 years, so there has been time for their reputation to mature and become established

There are a great many worthy candidates for blue plaques in Exeter and the Civic Society has funds only for a small handful of them. We would actively welcome discussions on sponsorship or collaboration with any others who share our aims.

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